Return Man 3 Online

The stages in the game Return Man 3

ESPN Return Man 3 is one of the best flash games developed by ESPN that focuses on playing the American football, where you have to run the length of the field and touch down without being tackled in order to win. It is the best game you will ever play with lots of action and entertainment.


ESPN Return Man 3 Features.

Stages and levels

ESPN Return Man 3 has various levels and stages broken down into weeks with a total of 15 game weeks. Each week has four to five stages which you have to complete in order to move to the next. For example, week one has four stages and each stage has three or more levels. You have to complete all the levels in each stage in order to unlock the next stage.

First levels of the game are much easier to complete, otherwise it becomes tougher in higher levels.
Better graphics

Return Man 3 graphics are nicely designed and makes the game look real. The players, cleats and lightning bolts are clearly visible and the playing field is also of super quality. The movements are simple, smooth and realistic.

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